Short Story Of ' The Rain '

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Short Story #1: I always tell myself that I’ll dance in the rain. That I’ll stifle my cautious ways, if just for a moment and take my naked feet to prance around in the puddles that litter the street. When I imagine it I am in a white dress that flows freely in air and hangs itself like a canopy around my thighs. It’s night in my fantasy and the street lights bounce off the droplets of water and make the earth around me glisten as if it knows some wild joy that I have not yet had, and I always tell myself after this, next time, I’ll dance. I never have, I think I’m too old now, if people were to see they would label me that lunatic girl who drinks in the rain. It wouldn’t matter that I had never had a drop of alcohol in my life, they would label me as such and make up other inaccurate fabrications of my life known ‘facts’ to the public. I myself would not protest for I am not a very outspoken girl, besides it is not in my nature to do such things. I am an intellectual, a scholar, a woman of the future, therefore I do not dabble in the art of fun nor do I associate myself with the childish sources of happiness that my peers do, but just once I’d like to dance in the rain, without a care in the world, like the crazy lady on the sidewalk does right now. I turned to my dad and said “ Dad, I regret to inform you that your wife’s at it again … that psycho.” as if I hadn 't considered joining her. “Sweetheart, she’s your mother,” he said with chagrin. He turned to leave but
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