Short Story Of Thoth's Life

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On a windy winter, 20,000 years ago an ancient medallion had been buried in the dirt on the mountain we call Mount Everest. The ancient god Thoth created the Screamah to guard the medallion from looters. The medallion held the power of chaos, so the chaos magic could never be used again.

20,000 years later, a young boy named Dipper went with his friends to Mount Everest and saw a cave from down below, they noticed a monster sleeping in the cave.

One of his friends exclaimed, “It’s one Screamah!” Another friend dared Dipper to go touch it.When he reached the top of the cave, he saw a bright light that reminded him of his mother and father that died from heart attacks, so he decided to steal it so he could have the happy memories that he wanted.He
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