Short Story Of Tritonis

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This story begins with a boy named Matt traveling from middle school and ready to move on to the next step. His travels have taken him to Tritonis. His quest is to graduate from Tritonis. He needs to graduate from Tritonis and get a high school diploma and then go to college. He will need to complete all of this so he doesn’t have to be a garbage man for the rest of his life and be sad. He is depending on his success as an epic hero because if he fails and doesn’t complete his quest to graduate and get the diploma, he’ll most likely become a homeless crackhead who lives in a box, because unless you’re Kobe Bryant there’s basically no way to be successful in life if you didn’t graduate high school, or Tritonis. His heroic characteristics…show more content…
He has been thwarted in his attempt to complete his quest by spirits and Gods when the spirits and Gods have gave him to much work to do that is too hard and it hurts his brain. Although spirits and Gods have also assisted him along the way in multiple ways. One way spirits and Gods from Tritonis have assisted him along his way is when he has been caught cheating on a test and a certain spirit or God was nice enough to let him take the test again because a zero for that test would of caused him to get an F for that class for that quarter. Also another way a different spirit or God has assisted him along the way is when he was caught cheating on a test off of another student's paper, they called him up to their desk and said there’s no point in cheating off of that student because he did better than them on the latest quiz. The epic ends with Matt graduating from Tritonis and becoming a millionaire later in life after he invented dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. After he made hundreds of millions of dollars from the sales and other stuff from his genius and revolutionary invention of the dinosaur shaped chicken nugget, he decided he’s done everything he could have done with the dinosaur shaped chicken nugget, so he sold the rights of the dinosaur shaped chicken nugget to Microsoft for 102.5 billion. With all of the profit he made from his dino nuggets, he now had a net worth of 177. 5 billion dollars, making him the richest man in the world, also having more than two times more money than the previous richest man in the world Bill Gates. With all of the new money he just received, he bought multiple important necessities. Some of the many new things he bought include a pet white bengal tiger, the New York Knicks, a personal sonogram machine for my house, the town of Anaconda, Montana, just because it sounds really cool, a solid gold bathtub,

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