Short Story Of Wasp Man

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“Wasps make a shield,” said Wasp Man. Gun shots rang out through the harbor. Wasp Man bent down and slowly moved across the brick wall turning the corner.
“ He’s over here!!” said a man with a pistol.
“Wasp’s attack” said Wasps Man. The Wasps stung the man and it killed him instantly. Now they had to move fast. He heard footsteps behind him and around the corner. A black car pulled up in front of him blocking him as he was running. He ran left to find more somali pirates. He looked right, he saw a small anyway but at the end there was no where to go besides the a long fall to who knows what. He ran taking a leap of faith.
Karl johnson aka Wasp Man was an everyday normal person. He went to work from nine to five, five days a week. One day coming into work his bag fell into the grass when he was walking in. It fell on a wasp. The wasp came up and stung him the arm.
“ Arghhh, stupid wasp” He moaned. He went to work like any other day, But throughout the day he realized that his arm hurt and he had a bad headache, he almost threw up it hurt so bad. When he was coming out of work he though in the car.
“ I wish that a wasp nest would just fall in front of my car and I would run it over , killing all of them.” On the way home he was singing his favorite song. When Suddenly a wasp nest came crashing down in front of his car, and he ran over it.
He thought to himself “ What coincidence,” He laughed saying “ Ahahah, Maybe I have special powers or something” The next day
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