Short Story : Old, Dusty Room

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Old, dusty room. Poor wooden furniture painted dominantly in dark, brown colours. Huge and ancient, but beautiful curtains partly hiding the big, scratched window. Outside can be observed a poorly trimmed garden, with a small almost withered rowan tree in the middle of it. Complete silence in the house, that kind of silence which inspires deep mournfulness, except for the sound of the raindrops frequently hitting the decrepit roof. In the room, there’s a high bed with the legs made of iron and a lot of clean, white bed covers on it. The young lady is lying on the bed with the eyes turned to the window, staring at the rowan tree. The young man comes in.

Oh, my darling, have I woken you up or you just can not close your eyes?
(With an exhausted voice)
I was woken up by the irritating noise of the rain. But come in, I want you to sit near to me … I want you to see it… Look out of the window...
I am looking outside, but what are you staring at? Is it the gloomy sky, or the old garden ?
No… Look at how beautiful that tree is, the one in front of you. I watched for a while, I have a feeling that it is a lot more than just a simple plant, it gives me so much strength… Now, when I am in need of it more than at anytime... It must be more than just a poor mound of shrubs. Oh, oh…
(She suddenly starts to feel very hot, she closes her eyes and covers her forehead with one arm. John bends so that he can kiss her on her forehead.)
Oh, my love… I can’t
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