Short Story On Thomas Ham

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Thomas Ham looked out the rainy window. The cars and trucks passed by. He saw the gray buildings. He was scared. Why? When he got home his mom’s boyfriend was probably. His dad died from saving Tom from a fire. There was no money. They were forced to move to New York City in a small apartment. The yellow bus slowly came to a stop. Tom got off of the bus. Pressed the button to call up to his mom, “Hi, mom”
“Hey, you can come up. The key is under the rug,” his mom said. He walked through the passageway. He came upon a courtyard with some old tables and chairs. He walked into his building. Then he jogged up the stairs with his books. He picked up the key from under the rug. He turned the key and walked in. He walked into the wood floor and green wall apartment. His mom was sitting reading on her bed. “Hey, how was your day?”
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Even though he was 13 and a half he didn’t have anything else. It also reminded him of his dad.
Later that night, Tom went to go wash up after he ate his ramen noodles. He brushed his teeth. He went to his bed and said to his mom, “Will Will here tomorrow?”
“Ya, I know you don’t like him but he is a nice guy.” Thomas hid under the covers and cried until he fell asleep.
Thomas woke up and it didn’t look like his house. He stood up and stepped on the wool carpet. He looked at the wooden support beams. He walked down some stairs. He saw a regular kitchen and dining room. “This must be a dream,” he thought to himself. He walked out of the house. There was a fountain when he walked out. People in medieval clothes were walking around everywhere. There were white stone roofed house.
People were mumbling when they saw him, “is he the one?”
“Wait is that Thomas?”
“Call the king!”
Thomas looked around anxiously because they were looking at him and talking about him. Then suddenly everything got quiet. A guy with a crown and

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