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“Well Stone, you sonofabitch, you did it,” O'Malley gushed. Stone looked distant in gaze as the loud words of praise fell upon his vacant ears. “Stone...Stone, where's your head at? You should be doing cartwheels right now. Five years of your hard work completed and that scum will be behind bars waiting to be a southern fried convict.” “Huh?” Stone's response came. “Oh yeah, over the moon captain.” “You've got something on your mind son, I can tell since you aint busting my ass and giving me grief.” “It's just occurred to me that's all, we've got the best weapon against crime we've ever had sitting outside these office walls. Forget robotic cops, that short little pain in the ass can get these streets safe again.” It was now O'Malley's…show more content…
It was only when Joel noticed a handgun strapped to the inside of the stranger's jacket was he sure that this was his appointment. “Joel Starr?” the suited man enquired as soon he began his approach. “In the flesh,” Joel concurred as he held out his hand. The act had begun, there would be no dress rehearsal, this was it. A bad performance wouldn't result in a bad review, it would result in something far deadlier. Joel's hand remained extended as the suited liaison scrutinised him with his eyes, before examining him with his hands as he checked for any weapons. “Hey,” Joel spoke as the stranger’s hands frisked the inside of his thighs. “You haven't even bought me dinner yet.” Joel had decided to play his role as the Hollywood agent as an obnoxious upstart, since he envisioned this to be how most agents would be. Unfortunately for him, his attempt at obnoxious humour was only met with a snarl from the stranger once he had finished his mandatory frisking. “You can at least tell me your name my friend.” Joel continued. “My name's Jack, Jack Shit.” The unfavourable reply came. It was abundantly evident that Lamberto Davi’s associate was clearly not a people person. “You got the money on you?” the man, whose name was in all probability not really Jack Shit, asked. Joel opened his own briefcase to reveal the twenty thousand dollars given to him by the Captain from the evidence room, with the strictest of orders to return every

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