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The beeping of a monitor was getting annoying. With the sterile smell and constant humming of technology, Corvus could have really used some music. His body ached from the fight he had won, ached from the damage that was finally catching up to him. His bones had broken numerous times, something he could easily fix. However, now he was just getting his energy back while the lab coat people ran tests on him. They didn't need his consent for anything given the fact that this hospital was not really considered such, but it was the only place he could really go while staying under the radar of the native population here that would be happy to see a bounty hunter like him floating dead in the ocean. Obviously, this was something he did not want,…show more content…
This was honestly making the brunet a bit jealous, given his almost constant state of nausea and stomach pain. The nurses had tried to force feed him some kind of lime Jello, but it really wasn't good, something tasted off about it. Both of them were on antibiotics and generally just resting, their doctor predicting only about one or two days left in the sterile room. The quicker the bounty hunter coulda get out of this place and off the island, the better, being surrounded by pirates like this was not something that he enjoyed that much, consider they weren't just weaklings and mostly rather capable of combat. It was a risk to stay here longer than he needed, and while Bruce certainly wasn't afraid of no dumb pirates, he eventually came to agree after carefully worded disagreements that may or may not have resulted in shouted insults.

Bruce's deep baritone filled the room.

"Doc's supposed to be back now soon."

Perhaps it was simply a coincidence, but almost as soon as the shark man had said that, their blonde doctor waltzed into the room with that carefree attitude of his. Both of them were quite appraising of the man's appearance, both noting how pretty he was for a man. Doctor Illum must have been blessed at birth, given the intellect of a doctor as well as the natural beauty of a model. When said doctor had not been present,
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