Short Story

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" What do you think you are doing Nick?" " Nothing that interests you." Nick says stuttering deathly terrified of Jason. " Do you want me to go over there and get it or are you going to bring it here?" Jason says starting to walk over and grab the journal right out of Nick's hands. "Give that back Jason!" He says yelling at Jason starting to stand up trying to stand up to him. " What do you think you are doing?" He asks standing up even taller in the room scaring him. Nick sinks back down into his seat and stares at Jason that was about to pound him for standing up to him. Jason starts to raise his fist and drops the journal, right before he could pound Nick to a pulp the teacher walked into the classroom and sat at her desk. Nick grabbed…show more content…
Jason raised his backpack and showed Nick the items in it and smiled. Nick spotted the duct tape in the bag and got scared. Jason then put it on the floor and started to write down the class notes and Nick froze feeling too scared to do anything. Twenty minutes into the class and Nick started to write the notes finally, then the teacher walked to the back of the class towards Jason and handed him the marker to solve a problem and Nick chuckled under his breath and Jason noticed and frowned. After he finished the problem on the board he walked back to his seat and purposely kicked Nick in the leg hard and sat down, whispering " Just you wait." After the class finished Nick stood up and walked out the door but was met by Jason who discreetly grabbed the back of Nick's shirt and led him to his group and they led Nick to a closed off hallway closet and walked into it. Then one of the kids blocked the door from letting Nick escape and Jason grabbed him and pushed him to the floor "look where you are now little boy not so tough as you thought." Jason says pulling Nick's shirt up forcefully purposely pulling it off then laughing. After a minute Jason grabbed the tape and started to wrap Nick up in it against the shelf putting a piece over his mouth and eyes then turning off the light in the closet. "Try to get out of this Gay boy!" he says yelling holding Nick's nose not letting him breathe, Jason then lets go and laughed and then opened the

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