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"Fucking hell! Where the hell did you find this car!" said Sam with his eyes wide open while he was looking at an antique car, Chevy Nova 1972. It had newly painted metallic black color with 2 white racing stripes but instead of tires it had electric hover pads powered by a 1200 kW nuclear power engine. "Nice eh! Had to work for 2 fucking months to restore this baby. Come take a look." said Bric while making a gesture with his hand and then he pop opened the hood for Sam to see. "Whoo ho ho! Shit bro! This is god damn sweet. I know you are a fucking genius when it comes to machines but this is just unfuckingbelivable. From where did you even get this shit. You don't have that kinda credits. Anyhow, let's go for a rideeeeeeeee!" Said…show more content…
Chicks will lineup spreading their legs to get a ride in this thing. You are the best Bric. Now let's go get some pussy." "Now now! calm down sam." Bric said while putting his seatbelt on. "Don't forget about Adam. I am sure that, that prick is still looking for us. But anyhow, let's get some tonight." Sam moved the sticks and pushed all the way down on power paddle and it just went flying out of the door. Both of them shouted "Holy! Fuck!" and then Sam stopped after going about 400m in 4 secs. He exclaimed "Shit bra! This thing got power. Is this the engine that I stole from Adam?" Bric still had a red face. That was a lot of G Force. He knew it had power but didn’t know what it would feel like. And his body is not like Sam's whose got muscles instead of a brain. He took a few breaths and said "Yup, found this car rusting inside a glass box as a memorial from 19th century. Bought it on an online auction for very cheap. Had to scan and print the whole thing again with carbon tubes, that is to say, to accommodate changes for the engine you brought. Hmm! Lets load some big guns, just in case." "I guess, this baby's definitely gonna get attention. But whoever comes. I will shove a bazoka up their ass." Sam said while taking the car back inside, this time he did it slowly. Both got out and went to the huge weapon locker located on the right side of the bunker. "What do you think we should carry?" Bric asked Sam while
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