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Ah, why hello there. Come to here the fantastic story of old Greg here, eh? Wonderful, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. But let’s start with ending before we get to the beginning. Alrighty, so I’ve been encased in this glass prison for a good while now. The years I don’t know, simply because I don’t care very much. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, but I’ll wait as long as it takes. I always have, after all. Hmmmm? You’re asking me what I mean? Oh, well my dear friend allow me to explain. You see, I’ve been held captive at this museum for far longer than you’ve been alive, and I suspect many more generations are to pass before I’m released. But no matter, time is of little importance to me. Alright then, let’s get this story started.…show more content…
Anyways, I was found by a dreary looking young man, who had clearly been working under horrid conditions. But as soon as he spotted me, boy did his eyes light up. Even raw, and uncut, I was a marvel to look at. Bigger than one’s fist, and exceptionally clear. Even the most unintelligent of humans could tell my approximate worth. Now then, I must mention that at this time the Indian never used diamonds for jewelry or anything similar. Generally, there were two main uses for a diamond in ancient india. The first use was something quite practical, using a diamond to cut and break into other rocks and minerals. But the second use was essentially a condensed form of currency. In essence, India had their own units of measurement akin to the carat, and had a set amount of currency allotted per measurement. This measurement was called a “Tandula,” and the currency was called a “Rupaka” for each individual unit. Generally speaking, one Tandula was equivalent to 10,000 Rupaka. The reason this existed was because for the wealthiest of the Indians, the use of diamonds made it much easier to store and transport their vast amounts of wealth. After all, this was before the time of electronic payment. This means that for a fist sized diamond like I was, let’s say about 1,200 carats, I would have been 9,600 Tandula. This is because one Tandula weight is equivalent to that of a single grain of rice, meaning approximately 25 milligrams. Now then, a carat of today is weighted
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