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I sat in the living room, staring at the business card Luke has left for us from the night before as questions flowed through my mind. Hearing the sounds of keys, I lifted my head and noticed Cierra racing towards the door. “Where you going?” Delirious asked as he walked out of the kitchen. “Shopping.” She simply responded. “While I’m out, call Luke and tell him we accept his offer. Then wait for me, I won’t be long.” “But..” Before I could finish, she left without another word. The room filled itself silence as me and Delirious blinked at each other. I picked up the card, reading over the number. “Are we gonna call?” Delirious questioned, stepping closer to me. I shrugged my shoulders, still looking at the…show more content…
‘It’s only three and I promise they’re all easy as making pie.”I didn’t believe the bullsh*t that was flowing out of his mouth. If it was that easy than he wouldn’t need us. “Can I explain now?” Luke asked rudely. We didn’t respond. I was starting to hate this guy more and more as he talked. “Good. Now, your FIRST mission is to steal a very valuable jewel from a club owner named Rick Holland.” He said. “The club he owns is the Bahama Mama nightclub. I’m sure you hear of it.” I nodded. “How do we get in?” I asked. “That, I’m leaving up to you.” He answered. “But it won’t be easy.” “Obviously.” Delirious scoffed as he crossed his arms. I could just imagine Luke rolling his eyes as he took a frustrate breath. “Anyways,” He said, dragging the word with an angry tone. “It’ll be packed so you can’t really make a big scene. And the bouncer will only let whoever is on the list, whoever is rich or any hotties.” My blood boiled as he mentioned ‘hotties’. I knew he was talking about Cierra. That pig! I looked over at Delirious, noticing that he was breathing hard. He’s probably just as pissed off. “Anything else?” Delirious snapped. It caught me off guard. I never heard Delirious so angry. “Wear a disguise.” Luke replied, totally ignoring the pissed off Delirious. “Rick may be stupid but he has a memory of an elephant, so he will remember who you are. And his son, Michael

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