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“Here is how it works, when you sit in the driver’s seat of the sleigh, and you’re holding the reigns you can will the reindeer to any place you want to go, Sly said. Just as you did when you move Orrie from the top of the lab and back again.” “I think I would like to give that a try,” Santa said, as he set his tea cup down on the table. Reaching over to put his cup down, Sylvester hopped out of the chair. Looking up at Santa, he said, “Give Pete and me about a half hour to get things ready, and you can do it this morning.” Standing, Santa said, “I’ll change into my traveling suit and meet you at the barn. Walking into the office or tack room of the barn, Santa, now dressed in a blue suit with a dark gray…show more content…
Stepping back, Pet looks at Santa and said, “They’re all yours.” “Okay,” Santa said, “Open the doors so we can be on our way.” Bracing his feet against the front of the sleigh, his back, pressing against the back of the seat, he is now ready to fly. Looking at Sly and Pete, now standing about an arm's length from the sleigh. Santa nods his head when Pete signaled the doors are open and he can now start his journey. Holding the reigns about chest high Santa looks at the reindeer. Flicking the reigns up and down he calls out, “On Dancer, On Prancer, On Vixen, and Cupid, let’s fly through the air like a bolt of lighting.” Running just a short distance, the first two animals lifted off the ground. Then in a bat of an eye, all eight animals and the sleigh were airborne. Rising higher and faster, they were almost out of sight when Sly and Pete saw a light in the sky. Pointing to a spot in the sky the excited reindeer wrangler asked, “Did you see that? It looked like a five-pointed star folded inward.” “That’s what I thought,” the Wizard said. “ Taking another look at the sky Pete turned to walk into the barn leaving the outside doors open. “Well,” Sly said, as the two walked back out of the barn. We have time, so let’s walk down to the coffee shop and get a cup of coffee and a goodie.” “The cafe by the factory is closer,” Pete said. “I know,” Sly says, but I need the exercise, and, besides, I like their coffee

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