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Sitting at her desk waiting for the teacher arrive she steals a glance toward Tom who was being surrounded by groups of girls that were pushing their bust up, getting really close, holding his arms, and saying sweet words they would usually say to get boys. Tom who was very calm at the moment turns cold and shrugs off the hoes that were surrounding him. “Get off,” Tom orders. “Awww don’t be so cold Tom~” the groups of girls tease. The guys in the classroom grumble to each other glaring bullets into Tom wondering how he went through such a transformation. Bella continues to steal glances at Tom during class time “Isabella would you care to explain this problem?” “HUh?” Bella looks up front and sees a math problem she doesn’t know how to…show more content…
She dated some guys but later found out they were cheating on her with other bitches and their skin-tight outfits. Visiting the library Bella’s eyes blinked at the surprised person who was reading at one of the tables. “Tom?” Bella mutters out softly. “Bella is that you?” Tom’s lips curl into a smile and sat up. “I heard you became an actor how’s that going?” Bella gives a light smile and sits beside him. “Good, how about you? With your fancy arts and sketches,” he said with a bright chuckle. “Fine, I’m surprised to see you here you’re an actor shouldn’t you be doing scripts and other things?” Bella questions. “Well actor’s have some days off you know,” Tom said. “So are you single?” “No, I have a fiancee we’re going to get married in a week” Bella looks down and gives a bitter smile. She still has a part in her heart that still loves Tom but she knows it's not going to happen he and her don’t go together. “Oh… Where?” Tom’s mood suddenly decreases after hearing that but still gives a cheerful smile. Azalea St. Church” Bella answers. Gazing up to the clock it was time for Bella to head back home to her fiance Aster. “Goodbye Tom nice seeing you” Bella waves goodbye and heads out the door. Leaving Tom to gaze at her back with a smile that was so bitter he had never made. A week later at the wedding, everyone dressed up in white or with a tuxedo saying congratulations to Bella and Aster. “Do you Isabella Martinez accept
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