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tubes,” Phillip confessed. “But, I guess I really didn’t have time to look for them either,” he then added. “For me, it wasn’t long before two guys started chasing me down as I tried to run. But they caught me and then I imagine they put me back in my tube. Then, I was back here.” Cassidy asked, “They put that thing—that device—up to your skin and it felt like you were sinking, falling, didn’t it?” “Yeah,” Phillip answered. “It was real quick, like instantaneous that I felt myself fall asleep, like I was suddenly super heavy.” “Yeah, well, I didn’t go down without a fight,” beamed Cassidy with a mischievous smile. “I don’t know what happened, but when one of them came up behind me to try to take hold of me, I hit him.” “You hit him?”…show more content…
They led into other rooms filled with pods—tubes—or whatever you called them. They must have had tens of thousands of people in those tubes. Phillip, maybe millions. If we were in them, and I saw my family in them, too, then it’s probable that all of us are in them. Our whole world is in those tubes.” “Yeah, maybe,” Phillip reluctantly agreed. “But, how did they catch you? How did you end up back in the tube and back here?” “I have no idea if I ended up back in the tube or not,” Cassidy responded seeming unsure of herself. “What I know… what I remember was that I was in that hallway. It was an all-white hallway. The walls, the ceiling, the doors on either side gleaming. And, I was looking through some windows on one of the sets of doors and seeing into another room of pods that was stretching out for what seemed like forever. Then… then I was spotted standing there by one of the guys who must have been looking for me. I wasn’t about to wait around so I ran and on the other side of the hallway I came up to another door that was partially open so, without hesitation, I ducked inside. “Well, that was a mistake because in the room there was about fifty people. They seemed like office workers for the most part and they all just stared at me the same way anyone would look at a naked person who’d just entered into a room. I tried to turn around to run again, but it was too late. The guy who’d
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