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I gawked at the crowd of kids, why did they have to make so much noise, or move so much? I hated how new I was to this, but I kept on. I wondered, would they notice if I was gone? Maybe I could slip through the doors and walk back home. Sure it might take an hour or so, but anything was better than this. Unexpectedly, someone shoved past me. I threw my arms out to catch myself, only to land on the rough pavement with a thud. I raised my hands to see the damage, noticing a few scrapes and tiny pieces of dark black rocks. I wiped them on my pants, getting back on my feet again, fighting the familiar urge to cry. The boys that had just shoved me snickered as I passed them, I tried to ignore them, clearly just wanting to get away from it…show more content…
What if he says no? Why would he? Maybe he doesn't want to talk to me, or anyone... Is that why he's over here, all alone? He looked up at me, surprised. That's when I realized his irises were decorated with little brown and gold specks that seemed to jump out of the green that surrounded them. They were pretty. He nodded gently, finally whispering a soft, "Yes." I felt happiness erupt inside of me, abruptly grateful, a smile soon occupied my face. "I'm Mike," I announced my name to him, rushing to sit myself on the swing next to my new friend, I spoke before he could tell me his, "Well it's really Micheal, but no one calls me that. You have nice eyes, by the way, mine are ugly, like poop brown." He smiled at that, his cheeks growing a pink color of embarrassment. "Thanks. I'm Will." We spent the next fifteen minutes talking, I learned that he lived in the woods, and has an older brother named Jonathan around the same age as my sister. "That's cool! I have an older sister, her name's Nancy, she's annoying and kinda mean." Will's eyes widened a little, "She's mean?" "Well, not to other people, just to me. She says I'm annoying." I scoffed, "Do you believe that?" Will shook his head, "You're not annoying, Mike." I smiled, flashing teeth this time, "I'm happy you're my friend." His eyes sparkled, and he nodded cheerfully. I had made a
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