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Soft pop music floated through the air while a dark-skinned beauty sat in front of a vanity; around her were boxes, belongings strung out about the room or half hanging out of boxes. The young woman had only been in the city for a couple of months, if that, and at this point she was still living out of boxes. When Penelope had first arrived in Chicago, Illinois, she's arrived coming into a job and an apartment lined up thanks to the savings she had, but she had time for little else thanks to how hard her bosses were working her, taking full advantage of her desperation upon arriving in the city and how eager she was to prove herself. The young woman felt a little like a slob with the state of her room; take out…show more content…
She’d just moved to Chicago, wanting a fresh start after her last year of college and a broad spectrum of career opportunities that only a Chicago-sized city could offer her. Penny hadn’t been in the city for very long, but it was long enough that she’d met her roommate, Samantha, who was quickly becoming her best friend, and it was her idea to come along to this party with her. It was a benefit dinner held in Ida Noyes Hall and Samantha was helping to cater the event and she’d invited Penelope to come along, to have a good time and get to know the elite society of Chicago. Initially, Penny was excited; she hadn’t been many places except from and to work, and occasionally she went out to get drinks with Samantha and her friends, but other than that she had turned into a homebody, not really getting to know anyone outside of her roommate’s circle of friends. Meeting people was pretty important to Penny’s line of work; she was an artist and the best way for her to get recognized was to build a network of people to surround herself and her artwork with, or at least that’s what she’d always been told. A bunch of rich people who didn’t know a whole lot about art was a great thing, they

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