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“Yeah, I’m a pastor. I’m not a small woman, but the only thing I’ve ever been sick from was hypertension and a cold. But now, I feel like somebody has sucked the life out of me.”

The teacher looked at the student. “Come on help me. We can’t let her fall on this hard floor.” They tried again, but it was no use, she was too heavy for the two of them to lift her.

The businessman walked over. His length helped him get a good grip underneath the woman’s arm. The teacher gripped under the other and the student pulled on both wrists from the front, but the woman’s weight was dead and the ladies were too weak.

The businessman looked at the drug addict. “Young man, can you give me a hand?”

The musician got up and went over to help out. Both men
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The college student rushed and grabbed the jar just before the woman’s butt landed on it.

Chapter Four
The Letter

After getting the old woman to the floor and making sure she was comfortable, the musician took a few steps over to retrieve the chair. He put it next to the old woman, who leaned over and rested her arm and head on it.

The college student stuck her hand in the jar. “There’s a letter and a syringe in here.” She sat the jar on the table and began tearing the letter.

“Wait, what are you doing?” The teacher stepped away from the men who were making sure the old woman was alright.

“I’m about to open it.”

“Shouldn’t we all agree to that, seeing that none of us know the danger that may lie within? I don’t think it’s safe, especially after being attacked by some sort of gassy substance, only God knows how many times?”

“It’s a letter. Just paper, what could possibly happen by opening it?”

“Could be a bomb?” The pregnant girl had intentionally stayed quiet up until that point.

The college student turned to face her. “A bomb? You think this letter is a bomb. A piece of paper is a bomb?”

“It’s been known to happen, ya’ know?” The transgender said. Both he and the pregnant girl were sitting with their backs to the wall.

“There is a syringe inside of a jar. I think what’s written in this letter will tell us the purpose of why this syringe exists and the reason why we’re all here. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m in college, but I’m sure any high
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