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After work hours, the twilight of the sun setting cast a solemn reflection on the buildings. The coming night cover provides a blanket of anonymity. Allowing people the freedom from their moral restraints, as the barrier of rationality is broken by the salacious acts that occur commonly. Among this crowd, Cander pushes through the flooded streets, momentarily escaping through a buildings door, albeit to enter a crowded bar. His trained eyes scanning the room, he spots Chris against an area of the bar. The small group around him listen and laugh boisterously to his story, the entertaining Chris gestures with his hands and facial expressions, Cander shakes his head and laughs to himself before walking over. “Uh oh, the adults are here,” he…show more content…
Christine”, if you remember her?” “Christine. Yes of course I do.” Cander sips his drink. “How was she?” “Lovely as always. She asked how you were. I think she still likes you. It’s a shame she doesn’t realize who the better option is,” he puts his palms up and smirks. Cander shakes his head chuckling. “But how is it going for you on the big stage detective Cander? Keeping all of us safe? That was quite a quick promotion.” “It has been interesting for sure,” he takes another sip of his drink. “I had to go down to the Pines today.” “That’s right, I saw that on the news. How was it?” “Nothing out of the ordinary… An overdose.” Cander says, looking forward towards the barroom wall. “Oh,” Chris takes a bigger sip of his drink. “That’s a shame,” A short, tense period of silence emerges. “Two years this October… Long time.” “Long time. And a different one,” Cander responds. Chris let’s out a small, nervous laugh. “About that though, I just wanted to ask, if you ever saw something that could change the outcome of the overdose.” “Outcome?” “Yeah, the end results.” “You mean like, the person dying?” Chris says shrugging his shoulders. Cander nods a “yes”. “Well, probably not adding the drugs in.” Chris answers simply. “I mean the eyes. The person’s eyes. I know when someone “had the blues”, or whatever the slang was. That meant that their eyes had that bluish hue. That happens every time right because of the body’s reaction?” Chris
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