Short Story: Phantom

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“No,” Wes said, “I was talking about how you're a ghost.” “Oh, that. I don't know,” Danny looked in the mirror, “pretty sure I look human.” “Looks are deceiving. I mean, if not for all the glowy stuff, Phantom looks human, even though he's not.” “But I'm not him,” Danny said slowly. “But you are.” Danny sighed, “Look, Wes, you're a good guy, I can tell. But you need to let this go. If there's something going on in your life that's pressured you into this obsession or something, you can always talk to my sister about it. I know she doesn't seem that approachable or anything – trust me, I live with her – but she actually knows what she's talking about.” “That's what you said the other day to your friends...” Wes muttered, “that I need…show more content…
September 20th, nine overall bathroom breaks; missed half of first period and the second half of sixth period. God Phantom, do you actually go to the bathroom with him? Maybe have a little makeout session?” Wes didn't know whether to feel mortified, livid, or terrified. All his emotions jumbled together, making his head swim. It was only research, why were they making such a big deal out of it! He gritted his teeth. Meanwhile, the jocks continued to glare at Wes, eyes full of amusement and mirth.
“I think – that the funniest part – of all of this – is – how many times – Fenton actually leaves – during class – to pee,” a jock managed to say through heavy laughter. “You guys realize he's probably just getting high in the bathrooms.” Someone snorted, “Dude 'ave you met Fenton? He'd never know where to get weed, any other drug is out've the question.” “Besides, his sister was the lead in that stupid drug skit last year. Remember, 'Don't do drugs, or you'll lose everything. You'll die and ruin yourself and stuff... yadah, yadah, yadah.” Wes was getting impatient, “Look, I need my binder back! If you're going to look through it, at least compare the data sets I have comparing Phantom sightings and Fenton's bathroom
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What the...? Wes wondered. Just seconds ago, he seemed ready to chew Wes's head off. Why was he now acting so weak around Dash? If he's really Danny Phantom, he could destroy Dash whenever he wanted, so why hold back? Self control. If he's too strong for a nerd, Dash'll get suspicious, thus blowing his secret identity. Wes grinned. Maybe if someone provoked him enough, he'd crack and reveal his true strength. Finally! Irritating people seemed to be something that Wes excelled at. All he had to do was piss him off endlessly until he used some of his powers. Couldn't be too hard,

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