Short Story : ' Quiet, Rich Boy '

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"Quiet, rich boy," this one hissed in broken English, scarred face far too close to Vinicio 's for his comfort, his foul breath and grisly beard alike tickling his nose, "or we 'll take more than just ya jewelry, ya hear?" Every emotion inside him had frozen, unwilling to come forward to confront any of the three gleefully pocketing his diamonds, silver, and gold, so he just stood there frozen along with them; eventually, he closed his eyes to try to save a little of his pride, though this caused the gang to laugh in earnest before his hair is yanked once more and they ripped his bag off his shoulder. Horror sets in as Vinicio remembered what is inside that bag - thousands of dollars to carry him a few months through rent and buying…show more content…
He was angry: the people in the streets spared him hardly a glance now, and the few he received echo smugness. His body shook with the throws of the experience, yes, but it also tremored with rage; once he is back on his feet, literally and financially, he will see to it that this district receives the worst funding from his family until they are forced to grovel at his feet and plead for even a glance in their direction.
The pollution in Cairo is as thick as the coral reefs back home, Vinicio soon realized; straying deeper into this district yielded no progress in finding the elusive tram station. In the recesses of his mind, he understood that now there was no reward for him in finding the station aside from his own self-satisfaction for being able to find his way about in this shitty city, but it was a goal to work towards and that was about all that he had left aside from his battered pride and a lone necklace that hung so low on his neck that his assaulters hadn 't noticed it. He was relieved that they had left it - it was a birthday gift from his mother, and its lone sapphire stone feels warm against his skin. However, the smog against the inside of his lungs itched, the coughs he let out discouraged him of his own strength increasingly with every heave of his chest, and the scraping of shoes against the pavement was deafening.
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