Short Story Regarding Sexual Assault

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As we entered the emergency room, I could smell alcoholic based cleaning fluid and sterile, latex gloves. We made our way over to the counter. I was dragging my feet. When the woman at the reception desk asked me what was wrong I broke down. I couldn’t answer. Ami stepped in and whispered to the woman that I had been “sexually assaulted.” Paleness took the healthy glow from the woman’s face. “Have the police been notified?” “She is not interested in that.” The woman nodded in acceptance before going to get a nurse who escorted both Ami and me to an isolated room in the back. I was told to take a seat on the gurney and not to drink anything or even use the restroom that she would be right back with some paperwork for me. I was quivering…show more content…
She even drew some blood to rule out the chance of drug or alcohol. She used a small pediatric butterfly needle with two teal wings on each side and poked my tiny veins. I was told I was an easy poke, but why would I care? The blood ran through a clear line of tubing and splashed into a receiving tube with a purple cap. “Next part of the exam is a vaginal one and it is the most important,” Katie said. I was so nervous that I felt as though I needed to vomit from fear. I had never even been to a gynecologist and had no idea what to expect this exam to be like. She asked me to scoot my bottom closer to the bottom edge of the gurney where then I she told me to spread apart my legs and place my heels into two stirrups that were on each side of the end of the gurney. “I’m going to take some cotton swabs and swab your inner thighs and between your labia.” She took the cotton swabs and with a swift and gentle motion, she took the samples. Next, she held up something that looked like a clear duckbill with a tube-like flashlight attached to it. “Now I’m going to slide a speculum into your vagina. You will feel a bit of pressure, but try to stay as still as possible.” I grabbed hold of Ami’s hand and squeezed so tight that Ami let out a whelp of pain. It wasn’t just the discomfort from the pressure that I was feeling, but also how invaded I felt, too. “There we go, Daniella. How are you doing?” I managed to get out a tiny “ok” as she
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