Short Story: Rose, A Faithful Wife

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A faithful Wife At the same time as Rose is putting her finest to shield her family, her husband is creating disorders by enclosing relationships with numerous women as his approach to achieve liberty. This is a shocking fact for Rose and she questions her husband’s faithfulness and his readiness to keep their marriage intact. While Rose and Troy involves in a disagreement, Rose informs him about her daydreams and desires that she frequently refutes earlier. This reveals her choice to forfeit everything, even her own daydreams as a woman. Troy is her lone expectation, he is the man who she can trust and fulfill her dreams (Menson-Furr, pp. 17-50). She then sways him that after they got wedded, he is the most significant thing in her life. As Troy’s wife, she perceives him as her redeemer. Therefore she is keen to acknowledge him thoroughly, to be his companion and faithful to him. Though, Rose wishes to have a dutiful partner too, which her companion cannot become. In fact, Troy never comes home at time, have mistress and shortly going to have an illicit son from a woman named as Alberta. She observes that this situation has been around for a period of six months. Rose decides to keep on and look after her family as she apprehends that without her attention, other members of the family will not be able to keep the potency of dealing with the challenges. She perceives that it is her job as a mother and an honest wife to assure that her family remains intact. Whereas Troy

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