Short Story: Serena´s Relationship with Ric

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Despite, him knowing her sadness, she could not let herself feel it with him, to her, it didn't seem fair, she blamed herself, she always blamed herself for such tragedies, regarding her children.

She did not want to hear, Ric tell her that it was not her fault; it seemed ludicrous for him to think otherwise. Serena, knew how, Ric could get, he has this protective manner, he did not like seeing Serena seeing herself in a negative light, and often challenged her thoughts.

Keeping, the distance between, seemed the sensible thing to do, he stayed with her overnight as she asked, he would leave if she wanted to spend to herself, and she knew she was giving him a real mix of messages. Yet, the love between them still shone strong. She needed Ric, but she did not want to admit weakness, and Ric needed her, Serena had become a priority in his life.

Soon, Friday, it was here, and Serena almost had to, mentally drag herself to her therapy session. Earlier, she had almost felt like, heading in to town and shopping instead, her mind was kicking and screaming for her to run, her heart, telling her to do the right thing and see it through.

However, as soon as she arrived, she wished she had not, Serena sat in the chair, pressing a cushion over her stomach with her arms as she clasped on to her now cold mug of coffee. She just stared out into the distance, just avoiding the process at all…
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