Short Story Sherman Alexie

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The Tone in Short Stories Written by Sherman Alexie Everybody is different. Everyone came from different places, different families, and different backgrounds. Some of those backgrounds are harder than others. One example of this is the Native American community. One Native American in particular is Sherman Alexie, one of the few who managed to get off of his reservation and become famous for writing. Sherman Alexie although Native American, he paints it in the dark view it is in. Sherman Alexie shows that the Native American community in a pessimistic tone due to imagery, word choice, and comparison through three different stories. Sherman Alexie writes about the Native American community in negative tone by using imagery. Sherman Alexie’s character Victor has had a hard life so far, and he is only nine. Victor, a character from Sherman Alexie’s short story “Every Little Hurricane”, has an alcoholic family, his uncles are constantly fighting, and are in constant poverty. Victor’s hard life isn’t the only pessimistic part of “Every Little Hurricane”. One example of using imagery to show tone is “Victor and his parents would be sitting in Mother’s Kitchen restaurant in Spokane, waiting out the storm. Rain and lightning. Unemployment and poverty. Commodity food. Flash floods.” (Alexie 5). Alexie uses the factors of a storm and all the bad things happening in Victor’s life to show a clear image of how bad Victor’s life is. By using a mix of short, choppy, and incomplete sentences, and one longer sentence adds a flare of intensity to drive home Alexie’s point. This nine year old has had to watch his parents deal with unemployment, poverty, and commodity food. His parents struggled dealing with all of those awful things. To ignore these awful things, they turned to drinking. Young Victor watched his parents drink and started to dream about drinking. Victor knew that the effects of drinking, yet still “Victor dreamed of whiskey, vodka, tequila, those fluids swallowing him just as easily as he swallowed them” (Alexie 7). The alcohol was a bad dream that he just wanted to wake up from. The imagery of the whiskey, vodka, and tequila is of monster. A monsters that would eat poor Victor. Victor wished his parents would
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