Short Story : Story Of 'Johnny The Snowman'

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Johnny the snowman was being created by some young fellas. There was about three young fellas. He could feel patting around his stomach, but for some reason he could not see this weird sensation. He starts to feel patting around his neck and is so curious he can not feel this at all, BAM, all of the sudden he can see this three ugly kids, big nose huge feet, and short. One of the young fella proceeds to say “lets get some hot chocolate.” “Okay,” responds the two young fellas. Johnny is thinking, mmm maybe I can run away from these ugly young fellas. Johnny dashes! He’s off into the woods, sprinting with all of his cold heart. The young fellas come out of the house sipping on their hot chocolate. One of the young fellas drop their hot chocolate, flace completely pale.
“Where the heck did our snowman go?” . The other young fella explains” Forget about it, probably those bullies at school.” “True,” says the young fellas. Johnny is still running until now. “I wonder if these kids are still chasing me, I ran so far into the woods, says Johnny. Johnny now walks calmly through these woods, still aware of his surroundings, walks out into the open after being in the woods for about an hour. “Woah what’s that” says Johnny. “I...C...E...S...K...A...T...I...N...G...R...I...N...K” he spells out loudly. “Sounds fun” Johnny says with a smirk on his face. Johnny is walking towards the Ice Skating Rink *crunch*crunch*. Johnny approaches the door and tries to open it “owwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!”
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