Short Story Thank You M Am By Langston Hughes

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In the short story “Thank You M’am”, Langston Hughes tells the story of a lady named Mrs.Luella Bates Washington Jones (or Mrs. Jones) and a young boy named Roger. The story starts off with Rodger taking Ms. Jones pocketbook, but Roger does not take her pocketbook, so, Mrs. Jones grabs Roger and takes him to her house to get him some food and teach him a lesson. The question is, In what ways do the ideas of kindness, helping, and making the world a better place emerge in “Thank You M’am by Langston Hughes. In paragraph 42 it says “she heated some lima beans and ham she had in the ice box, made the cocoa, and set the table.”. This passage shows that she was making food and cocoa for Roger even though he tried to steal her pocketbook. In paragraph
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