Short Story : ' Thank You '

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“Thank you, Dorothy,” I interrupted hastily, not eager to listen to another tangent. I quickly left the desk, making my way to the crime scene while mulling over everything I had learned so far. I reached it without incident, nodding to the few security guards I passed on the way. As I approached the patch on the wall where the stolen painting had been, I realized that Dorothy had not been lying, and a Van Gogh painting depicting people sitting at a table, eating potatoes, as the name suggested. Looking around, I saw nothing suspicious around the exhibit, and I turned to leave, disappointed; however, as I began to walk away, my toe stubbed against a loose tile on the ground. As I shouted in pain and held my foot, hopping around, unbalanced, I glanced at the tile, and was astonished to see a dark hole under the floor. Forgetting my agony, I crouched down and pulled the slate away, revealing a passage just large enough for a person about my age to fit into. Amazed by the discovery, I peered down into the hole, making out a tunnel leading in the opposite direction from the way I had come. “Woah!” someone exclaimed behind me, making me jump in surprise and nearly fall into the passage. Whipping around, I saw Eugene, the security guard, peeking over my shoulder at the hole in the ground, a look of bemusement on his face. “What is that?” “I believe I should be asking you that, Eugene,” I replied, standing and quickly collecting my wits. “Why is there a hole under the floor of…
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