Short Story : ' The Bella House '

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The Bella house is abandoned the moment school is out for the summer, with the exception of Chloe and Beca, who have stayed around for various reasons. They wave goodbye to the last girl as they climb into a taxicab and then shut the door with a content sigh. Beca has all intentions of escaping to her room and working on yet another mix, but Chloe has different plans. She drags the unwilling girl to the kitchen and plops her down on one of the stools while she finishes making the cup of tea she’d been preparing for nearly an hour now. According to the redhead, this summer is going to be a great bonding experience and they 're going to be closer than ever. Because, sure, they aren’t close enough already.
With the exception of those days Beca has legitimate excuses, Chloe sticks by her promise; no matter how annoying it gets. Then, one weekend, a few weeks before the start of the new semester, she somehow manages to convince her to visit Aubrey, who is still working at the Lodge of Fallen Leaves. It’ll be fun this time, Chloe promises, We can actually stay in one of the rooms instead of a tent outside. And, honestly, it is kind of fun. Much to Chloe’s squealing excitement, they get along. Probably because Aubrey isn’t barking orders and Beca isn’t trying to defy her every demand.
It’s as they sit around the bonfire on the last night, much like when the Bellas came to visit, that Beca learns Aubrey is coming back to Barden in a few weeks for graduate studies. Unlike her, Chloe…

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