Short Story The Bogeyman

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Boogeyman. What is it? How does it look like? What is it’s purpose? Many people have come to wonder these questions some time in their life when they hear the word “Boogeyman.” They make assumptions and jump to conclusions as to what they think it is. But really, what is a boogeyman? As you continue on to read, I will talk about the similarities and differences between an article “What’s The Boogeyman” and a short story “The Boogeyman.” In the article, it explains how a Boogeyman can be anything that will scare you straight up. There isn’t a specific shape or form to the Boogeyman, it’s just suppose to be something that will make you scared. The Boogeyman isn’t located in just one place. It can be in your closet at night when you’re asleep, it can be in the backseat of your car when you’re alone. It can be anywhere your mind places it. Stuff like this is first introduced to little kids who are not behaving well or are not following specific instructions. Many parents use this term to get their child to do specific things. For example, a parent can say, “Eat your vegetables or the () will come get you in your sleep.” For this example, this forces the child to eat their vegetables because they’re scared that someone or something will come get them. They don’t know what will get them, but they know something will. At a certain age, their imagination can start to change their perspective on things. In the short story, it explains how a family of five becomes a family of just
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