Short Story : ' The Cat ! '

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“The cat! The cat! Its a success! The cat came back! I got it all on video! It’s all taped!” I screamed as I ran through the hallway of SF Enterprises. Running through the hallway I felt like Archimedes finding out about water displacement. Except I wasn’t naked when I was running through the hallway. Atleast I hope not, let me check, yep im good. Finally, My co-worker Steve stopped me near the elevator and said in an alarmed voice “What happened Eddie? What did you find out?” I exclaimed with excitement “The cat he,he,he went through the time machine! And, and, and he came back!!!!!!!” “What cat?” Steve asked. And me being in my ecstatic mood totally forgot that this project was supposed to be top secret till it works perfectly with no…show more content…
So i quickly saved everything and put everything in a secure location, then rushed out the door at 7:45. And, considering the bar was across town there was no time to stop by the house to change because they 're on opposite sides of the city. So, I stopped at the closest convenience store and bought toothpaste and brush, and deodorant to freshen up a little before I go. When i got to the bar there were a few more people there then I expected, but that was alright because Steve was right I need to take my mind off things before I become insane. The night was fun we all had a good time drinking and watching the football game. But, when I woke up this morning I could just tell that it wouldn 't be my day. I got to work about 30 minutes late because I couldn’t find my car keys. Only to realize they were in my pant pockets, and how they got there I have no clue. When i arrived at my lab i found the cat, he was laying on the ground wheezing. So I quickly ran tests on the cat to see what the problem was. The cat had signs of tuberculosis which was eradicated in small animals many years ago. But, I kept running tests only to find out that the cat had a disease that we never discovered. I am guessing that it came from the dinosaur era. The only way I can find this out is to watch the video. But the video... Its gone.. Where did it go! This can’t be I just had it on my desk
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