Short Story : ' The Cat ! '

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“The cat! The cat! Its a success! The cat came back! I got it all on video! It’s all taped!” I screamed as I ran through the hallway of SF Enterprises. Running through the hallway I felt like Archimedes finding out about water displacement. Except I wasn’t naked when I was running through the hallway. Atleast I hope not, let me check, yep im good. Finally, My co-worker Steve stopped me near the elevator and said in an alarmed voice “What happened Eddie? What did you find out?” I exclaimed with excitement “The cat he,he,he went through the time machine! And, and, and he came back!!!!!!!” “What cat?” Steve asked. And me being in my ecstatic mood totally forgot that this project was supposed to be top secret till it works perfectly with no flaws. Trying to play it off as me sleep walking I said “What are you talking about Steve you know I’m allergic to cats, I was probably just having another one of those weird dreams”. Steve replies in a confused manner “Why are you working so hard? Come take a load off Jannet, Cody, and I are going out for a drink tonight why don’t you come with us?” I replied “ No thanks I have to get to work and finish my project, the sooner the better am I right?” Steve exclaims “ Eddie come on dude you have been working almost non-stop for the past week, come on it 's only one night.” I sighed “I guess.” Steve becomes ecstatic “Great! We will be at Bubba’s Bar and Grill tonight at 8” I replied as I head back to my lab “Ok I’ll be there!” a few hours…

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