Short Story : ' The Clock At Night '

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No such thing as sleep in middle school It’s nine o’clock at night and Ashley is finishing up homework and goes to bed. The next morning she has to get up at six ‘o 'clock to go to school. Courtney comes in Ashley 's room and tries to wake her up. Courtney comes in and tries to wake her up again and after going back and forth many times Ashley finally got up. Ashley did what she does every morning and gets in the car. Ashley slothy goes to the car as Courtney followed behind her. They got in the car and Courtney started it. As soon as Courtney left the driveway Ashlynn fell asleep. When they go to Strong School Courtney parked the car and tried to wake up Ashley. “What time did you go to bed Ashley.?” “Nine.” “Why are you so tired then.?” “Because it 's six and that 's really early to start a school day.” “Well you can go to bed earlier tonight.” Ashley goes to school for the day and Courtney picks Ashley up and goes home. She does all of her homework and gets ready for school early so that she can go to bed at 8:00 and see if that makes a difference. Ashley takes a shower, lays out her clothes, has her dinner, makes her lunch and watches tv until she needs to go to bed. While watching tv he found herself falling asleep so she went to bed at seven thirty instead of eight. The next morning Courtney was dreading getting Ashley up in the morning because of how long it takes. When Courtney went to go wake up Ashley, she took forever to get up again. Then when Courtney finally
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