Short Story : ' The Dark ' Blue Sky '

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Lost in the Dark, Blue Sky
I sit here, in my cold apartment, looking out through the window into the dark, blue sky. Not even the lights are on in the other apartments across the street. This is unusual. It is also unusually quiet. These types of moments are, in every sense of the word, rare.
I’m sitting on this chair in front of this typewriter, trying to get my ideas out of my mind and onto the page, but my ideas are scrabbled. My ideas are a mess. I have no ideas—no good ones, at least. (This isn’t rare.) I have nothing on my mind, but I have everything on my mind. There’s a dead silence, but I still can’t hear my own thoughts. And aside from the cold, I can’t really feel anything. I’m practically numb, emotionless, and thinking about only one thing. Her.
She came into my life unexpectedly. I wasn’t looking for romance or anything of that sort. My mind was on anything else except romance. It has been a year since I graduated college and it’s been a year since I’ve known her. It’s been a year since she has known me. I promised I wouldn’t get my mind stuck on her, but I failed and broke this promise. Multiple times. As I sit here, in front of this typewriter with a blank page jammed into it, I wonder. I wonder what she’s doing. I wonder if she’s thinking about me. Probably not, but I don’t entertain this idea much longer. I move on to something else. I still need to figure out what to write. There’s a deadline I have to meet, a deadline I’ve always met, and unlike most of

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