Short Story : ' The Dream '

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The “Dream” World

It was a Sunday morning when Jack woke up, brushed his teeth and went downstairs to eat breakfast and then he puts on his black converse shoes and his blue t-shirt. It was his daily routine everyday. Until night falls… when he goes to sleep. You know how I talked about “Daily Routine?” Well… Things are going to change. It’s not a “Daily” routine after he closed his eyes at night, he won’t be waking up… Ever again? Welp, let’s see when Jack goes to sleep… “Huh?” “Where am I?” Here, is the new Jack… the old Jack has gone away.. The old one went to sleep and now he has woken up in an imaginary place with imaginary creatures and species.. Here you see new things you NEVER ever seen before. Like a talking Bunny or others like Flying Horses. I know you heard about these “Fake stuff” before, but here? In “Dream World?” Heh there’s no joke or fake stuff here! They are ALL true. There are no baloneys and liars who says “THERE ARE FLYING DONKEYS!”... you would think it’s fake in REAL life… but it’s not here, so believe me already. Anyways… Let’s get back in the story: “Huh?” Jack said, “Where am I?” “Here… in the magical world of the Dream lands and peace.” “Who said that?” Jack asked, startled. It is us, the Magickals! Who are the magickals?” Jack asked “The magickals… the peace.. The only ones who you shall believe!” Is that suppose to be a poem? Jack said. “Here we are.... We are the Magickals!” “Woah you guys are so shiny!” Jack said as he blinks… and blinks…
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