Short Story: The First Vietnam War

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The whip-like sting of the winter air assaulted Hank Valentine’s lungs like a war-party, a thousand strong, on a warpath. It felt as though the bitterness of the winter wind realized Hank had stepped out of the comfort of his cabin and purposely kicked down a degree or two, as though it was nature’s way of trying to get him to not venture out into the wilderness, but sometimes, . Hank dipped his stubbled chin into his chest, rolled the collar of his coat up around his cheeks, pulled his hat down tight and made his way to Dusty, his horse. Dusty and Hank had been through thick and thin together. Dusty had bravely carried Hank through the big war, through a botched robbery attempt, which saw Hank badly beaten, and finally, through an early burial of an Oriental wife and child. The thinnest of those moments, the big war, had lasted the longest, but wasn’t as startling as the botched robbery that had caught him off guard, and not nearly as painful and soul sapping as the burial of Chao-Xing, his wife, and their newborn son, Junjie Valentine, it is the thickest moment of Hank’s life, no matter what his remaining years held.…show more content…
He was a man without a way, a lost soul. He needed to complete this journey which he had been thrusted upon, he needed to hunt down those responsible for his wife and son’s death. Maybe it would supply him with some kind of conclusion, some kind of closure. Although in the back of his mind, Hank knew that getting over those who had passed away was a fallacy, he saw many men brutally perish in the Big War, and remembered them all. Hank knew that in order to continue to live life, people just learned to deal with the pain, grief, and loss of loved ones
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