Short Story: The Kidnapper

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The sound effects of the games the people played shot throughout the mind of one of the only people that had.
The man could feel the pressure of the gun against his side, his eyes cringing from the pain, his body shaking from the tension of what pain his attacker had promised would come. But the man forced himself to appear steady.
Maybe they’ll just let us go, he thought, we could just go back to playing the arcade games. Everyone could just be calm. Everyone could be okay, go back to playing the games. We may even be able to leave the arcade. I just have to be calm. We can all go back to playing the games.
But by looking into the two of theirs’ eyes the man could tell that that wasn’t likely to happen. His best friend stood shielding the little girl that the man now stood at gunpoint trying to save. The child couldn’t even see him as shards of tears rolled over her eyes. Behind them were the two other assailants that had come with the attacker. Each of their bodies composed of more muscle than bone, and each of their pockets bulging with the impression of a gun.
Right as the man sensed the kidnapper squeezing the trigger of his gun against his side, he heard the sound of a virtual machine gun slowly ripping through its target. Rather than rapid firing at everything in sight, as the man vaguely recalled it doing, the noise of the blast slowly ripped through one of its targets, as if enjoying the process of…

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