Short Story : ' The Kitchen Pots Scream '

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“Crasssshhh” the kitchen pots scream as I try to hide behind a counter. The once dark kitchen lights up while Mickey Alvarez , a very good looking dude with brown wavy hair and big brown eyes with a short stocky build that is Prosper’s biggest bully, hurries in with a huge bat and chases us through a mess of something he calls a home until we are finally out. Once we are out we realize we didn’t even get what we went there to get which was an audio tape he had of me talking to myself about how much I loved PJ. Pause! Stop the story! PJ is the varsity starting QB he is soooo hot but he doesn’t even know who I am and yes I know, it’s very creepy but I was only doing it to hype myself up to finally talk to him. Plus, I didn’t even know Mickey…show more content…
But of course, Lucas doesn’t feel right about leaving a pretty girl with someone like that so he stays behind and watches Kayla so nothing happens to her. At this point, I am scared to death because I am the only one going into a house that isn’t even mine. I gradually open the dirty window and sneak in, the first thing I see is a room filled with dirty clothes and a stench that a hyposmia person could smell. I tip-toe to what I presume is his room and search his room cabinets. As I am searching for the tape I hear the front door close. I quickly slide under the bed and hide. Surprisingly, there it is. The tape is right next to me I reach out to grasp it and as I do Mickey tugs at my feet until I’m out from under the bed. He swiftly picks me up and throws me against the wall knocking the wind out of me. I gasp for air as he demands, “WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?!? YOU THOUGHT YOUR LITTLE DISTRACTION COULD KEEP ME AWAY?!?” I thoroughly scan the room for weapons to fight back and as I do, I see Lucas coming up around the corner with a dark, rusty pan. I rapidly turn my head back to Mickey to not give Lucas away and right then and there Lucas nails Mickey in the back of the head. Without thinking I get up and scoop up the tape as if I am a linebacker picking up a fumble for a touchdown. We squeeze out of his close-fitting doorway and head down the street to safety. We all catch our breathe and laugh about what we just did. Surprised and proud we all head back

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