Short Story : ' The Land Of The Free '

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“I saw cotton and I saw Black. Tall White mansions and little shacks. Southern man when will you pay us back? Mmmm, oh the land of the free, not so free, oh the land of the free mmmm not so free, not so nice, not all peace, not all land for us, maybe for you..but not for --,” hummed the Black man before the White couple walked in. It was a nippy Thursday night. The rustling trees, whispering to the innocent birds, warned them to fly way. The lost birds, searching for a nest to keep them warm. A nest where they could sleep and stay cozy as the wind continued to blow like smoke out of a cigar; however, the stubborn trees showed no signs of letting their guard down. Phillies was quiet --“chill” as they say. The white couple leaned over the counter. The White man, with a rather disgusted face, took a deep breath while his pretty lady happily waved to the Bartender. “You let this monkey in, huh?” whispered the White man to the Bartender. “He doesn’t belong here. This is our spot and this is no place for these kinds of people.” “Babe, will you hush? He’s sitting right there and he probably can hear you. He’s no monkey either. Geesh, you don’t know the man from a hole in the wall,” countered the pretty lady. “I refuse to be brainwashed by this ‘equality for all movement’. It’s all bull shit. It is a monkey. It belongs in the fields, picking cotton for my new coat. It is not allowed here!” shouted the White man. The isolated Black man kept his head down, but raised his eyes
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