Short Story : ' The Lion With You '

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Telly walked out of the gym and went to his left. Then, he walked down the hallway looking up to find the large “I” on the ceiling. Then he drops his backpack off his shoulder. “Ugh.” Telly says. He starts to sprint towards the classroom. Then, as he got to the end of I-Hall he realizes he’s passed his classroom and turns around and goes to it. “Um.. Excuse me? Mrs. Lyons?” Telly says shyly. “Yes? You are?” Mrs. Lyons says. “I’m Telly Machus, ma’am.” He replied more courageously. “The boy who broke his chromebook.” He smiles sheepishly. She sighs. “Go down the hallway and to the right, you will see a glass wall, go into the door to the left of the glass wall. Tell them you need to get your chromebook fixed.” “Yes ma’am.” “Take the…show more content…
“Mrs. Lyons class?” She looks at the lion he’s holding. “Um, yes ma’am. Is that normal? The lion I mean.” “Yeah, completely, for Mrs. Lyons at least.” She replies. “Oh, okay.” He said and walked out of the media center heading back to class.

Then, when he got back to the class, he saw a familiar face, not a good one, a bad one, it’s his mom. “Oh no.” He said as he walked into the classroom. His mother smiled at him and gave him a big hug. Everyone snickered and giggled. “Mooommmm stop it.” Telly wailed. “Oh, sorry hon.” She said and Telly looked over and saw that his dad is there too. His dad is snickering, Telly frowned at him. “Really? Why are you guys here?” “I don’t know, ask your mother.” Telly’s dad,’Big O,’said while chuckling. “Mom?” “Oh, we thought we’d just check in on you, you know, stay here for the first class. See how it goes.” She said and smiled at Telly. “Oh, great mom. Absolutely great.” He said and sighed. “I think so! Okay, Mrs. Lyons where can we sit?” Penelope, Telly’s mom, asked. “Well, Mrs. Penelope, ‘Big O,’you can sit in the back there.” Mrs. Lyons said and points at a table in the back of the classroom. Telly’s parents sat down at the back of the classroom and Telly sat down in his desk as Mrs. Lyons started to talk to the class. “Okay, welcome to your first day of class! I’m Mrs. Lyons, I love lions, I love to help my students. Okay, that was a little about me, now, hmm, Telly, you go
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