Short Story : The Lord Of Russia

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The wagon came rumbling into the town square and Robert knew right away what it was. Robert knew it was that evil, ruthless, Russian Sylvester. Even though Robert was a crime boss, he still cared about innocent people. He got all of them to cover before the bullets started flying. Robert could not get his partner James down in time. The crank turned and one by one the bullets left the barrel.
Robert is an international crime boss from America. He had blue eyes and brown hair. His best friend and partner is a man named James. Together they have smuggled weapons, stolen gold, robbed banks, and have never been caught. Now over their years of crime they have worked with many people, but there was no one as evil or ruthless as one particular
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They were ruthless people but under all of that evil they both care for innocent humans that intend know harm to them. When they went to these jobs, they would not get close to any other of the the servants. They would just keep their heads down, do their jobs, and cautiously look for the safes.
After they arrived in England, they went to the man's house and unbenounced to them it was Sylvester the rich Russian. The reason that Sylvester did not notice them is that he does not talk to or see the new servants. They started thinking about how to rob Sylvester. They heard from the other servants the he was paranoid and would not trust the bank with his money, so he kept it all at his house in a big safe. They saw the safe because it was on the lower levels of the house which is where they worked.
When they found the safe they knew that what they were going to rob was great because Sylvester had the safe built into the wall. Also, there was two feet of steel and around that was another two feet of cement. They had never cracked a safe this big, but they could do it. They devised a plan and when the time was right they went to work.
Their plan was that Robert would be on the opposite side of the property. He would shoot the cow and then shoot his pistol into the air inorder to draw everyone to that side of the property. Then James would start to crack into the safe. Enventialy they would get into the safe far enough to blow a hole in it. That
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