Short Story: The Main Ideas

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What was the main ideas of this section? How do you know? The main ideas of this section is that Sam is trying to fix the day she died. Sam is trying to fix the day she died by not going to Kent's party. Sam convinces her friends to stay home by saying her and Rob got into a fight. Sam and Lindsay leave school and go to TCBY for yogurt and to talk. Lindsay ,Elody, and Ally all get worried Sam because she's not acting like herself. The girls thought Sam and Rob where in a fight because he had an attitude when he came over to the lunch table. All the girls stay at Ally's house instead of going to the party. Sam is tense the whole night because she's scared that the day she died might happen again. All the girls finally go to sleep and Ally's phone goes off in the middle of the night.…show more content…
"Juliet Skye's is dead. She killed herself tonight". Sam thought she could fix the day and she tried but she figured out Juliet would have committed suicide
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