Short Story 'The Man-Rat Two: My True Calling'

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“The Man-Rat 2: My True Calling”
Marcus now under the second identity of “Man-Rat”, He thought that now he should do what he said about what to do with his life as a small child. He wants to represent something and make something of himself, but now he has the opportunity with being the street-vigilante of Brooklyn, fighting crime and representing his city as the half rodent half human hero that his city not wants but needs desperately.
But first he’s going to need training if he is going to make it battling criminals with reflexes that could put him in serious injuries from the fight So Marcus waited the next day to start his prime training.

The next day he woke up and tried wall climbing up his apartment windows jump from one to the other, trying not to slip when leaping back to
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“ Thank you, I respect that and things like that keep me going“ said Marcus. So Marcus took his pizza back to his apartment and when walking back he thought I saved her and her child but maybe that was a one-time thing like those thugs could not fight at all and they left because they got scared, He arrived at his apartment door but so a three thugs came to his door step and said “Hey you give us your cash and the pizza or guess what happens next ” Marcus was in a tight problem but he grabbed the thug to his left’s arm smashed him into the two other thugs causing them to slam together and for all them to go unconscious. Marcus now moved to thugs down a block and walked back to his apartment and as he went back he thought deeply about that fight and how he really fought them with the best he could in a fast amount of time, Marcus said softly “I’m really cut out for this vigilante thing and who knows this maybe my true calling”. Soon he arrived back at his apartment and opened his door, and enjoyed his pizza for
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