Short Story : The Shadowy Beasts

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The Shadowy Beasts were starting to annoy Kyle. They should've died 4 days ago when he dropped the Car on them at the Trash yard. They should've died 3 days ago when he ran over them in the Tow truck in Arizona. They Definitely should've died this morning when he lit them on fire. No matter how many times Kyle killed then and watch the dissipate into smoke , they just keep reforming like large evil puffs death. He couldn't even outrun them. He raced to the top of the hill and caught his breath. How long since he'd last killed them? Maybe 3 hours. They never seemed to stay dead longer than that. The past few days, he'd hardly slept. He'd eaten whatever he could scrounge- vending machine candy, old muffins, even a Mcjack Burger, which was a new personal low. His clothes were torn, burned and Splattered with monster slime. He'd only survived this long because the shadow creatures only seemed to be able to appear in the dark. Which allowed him to rest during the day and run at night. But Kyle couldn't keep going much longer. Soon he'd collapse from exhaustion, and as vulnerable as the creatures were to light, they would find him eventually. Where to run? He Scanned his surroundings. Under different circumstances, he might've enjoyed the view. To his left, goldon hills rolled inland, dotted with lakes, woods, and a few herds of cows. To his right, flatland marched west- a vast checkerboard of neighborhoods, with several million
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