Short Story : The Story Of The Gifts

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Adrian pushed his thick glasses back into place with a finger, as they had slid down his nose during the tussle. "It is unprofessional to smile while on duty; these are human's souls I deal with and it would be disrespectful.” "You take your job far more seriously than your fellow reapers." The demon said, rising to his feet and giving the red wings a mighty shake, scattering mud from their feathers. "Hasn't anyone ever told you to loosen your tie before? Perhaps if you did you could think clearly and learn to relax.” Adrian wanted to step back as the demon moved toward him again, but he stood his ground, shielded by his weapon.
"All reapers take the job just as seriously as I do." Adrian retorted, his eyes narrowing at what he considered
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Alistair gave a small grunt as it caught him in one of his wings, and he was never able to take off. "Do you really think I'm just going to let you go?" Adrian hissed, "While without a contract you are rogue!” "More battling, really?" Alistair sighed, stroking the wound on his wing, "You already have the soul, what more could you wish? I confess I was wanting our little spat to end here, but if you insist.” Fighting demons was something that Adrian had more than enough experience with, so the next few minutes played out very much like the rest of the battles he'd had with their kind. The moves, the evasions, the offensives, the defense; it was all the same moves in a different order. He was not even surprised when Alistair managed a swipe at his shoulder, and caught him, breaking the skin. "An eye for an eye." The demon had said, licking a drop of blood from his claws. Alright, Adrian had to admit that was not something that he had witnessed before. The taunting, however, was very much characteristic of a demon. "Such a pinned-up master of his emotions," Alistair cooed, dodging Adrian’s fist, "What anger really lies behind those glasses, hmm? It's so hard to tell.” Adrian had learned long ago not to answer back, and only kept fighting as best he could. After a while Adrian had the impression that on his own, this particular demon was not going down. He would need at least one more reaper to consider ever
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