Short Story : The Story

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Walking home from school on her last day of school for the year, Avalon thought about all the people she had told she’d hang out with over the summer, but in reality, she’d see them once school started back up and lie to their faces, claiming she was sick or too busy with other activities to hang out; it happened every year, but this year she didn’t feel bad about knowing she wouldn’t hang out with anybody from school. As she made her way past the golf course, she subconsciously picked up her pace, thinking back to the day she almost drowned, and how today was the last day she’d be wasting in the search to find her mother. Her bags were all packed, and her mom had agreed to let her go to “Dr. Dinglers Summer Camp”. She would be dropped off at the hospital tomorrow morning and then her mom would sign some papers and leave, allowing Emily and Takoda to pick her up and take her to Atlantis. Deep down, Avalon knew she was excited to begin her quest and restore Atlantis to the once great city it had been, Avalon wouldn’t admit this to anyone, but she was excited to make Emily happy; but, she also knew there was a lot riding on her, anything that happened, whether good or bad, rested upon her shoulders. Someone dies? That’s on her. Arabella is killed? That’s also on her. Avalon couldn’t help but to think that the bad will always outweigh the good, simply because she is supposed to be a good person; the future queen of Atlantis. As she got home, someone was sitting on her porch,
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