Short Story: The Takeover

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The Dingle-Mouses were in their living chamber when a knock came on the door. Oliver answered. Brianna was standing on the white stone that was the front step while Timmy was dancing like a cat on a hot tin roof. “Have you got the last of it?” asked Oliver. “Sure have.” Timmy darted inside. “Mom sold the last trap this morning.” “This is it.” Brianna dropped two silver dollars in Oliver’s paws. Oliver stuffed the money in his pocket. “This will come in handy to buy more sheet music. Dad will be happy.” “Enough talk about music.” Brianna stretched her neck to look around. “Has Mr. Rat dropped it off?” “It came this morning and I’ve been playing ever since.” Oliver’s tail was wagging, an audience. “It’s in the piano room.” Mr. Dingle-Mouse had to dig another room to accommodate Oliver’s piano bought with the money earned from farming. Oliver wanted the piano room so badly that he enlisted Brianna and Timmy to help dig. Those little mice had a summer’s worth of expedience digging on the farm. It took them less than a week to dig out the chamber. With Mr. Dingle-Mouse’s help, it took only a day for Oliver to put up the milk cartons to keep the dirt back. Although, Mrs. Dingle-Mouse was still finding dirt from the dig around the burrow. Mrs. Dingle-Mouse closed her eyes and waited for the music to begin. Mr. Dingle-Mouse moaned. He had been sitting enjoying the silence. It had been a full ten minutes since the sound of music come from the back of the burrow. After a few songs,
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