Short Story: The Windy Dindy Pumpkin Patch

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I am Brooklyn , Brooklyn Stone , and this is my story. Every year near Halloween me and my dad always went to get Pumpkins at the Windy Dindy Pumpkin Patch near the grocery store. At the time i was 7 years old , i was an only child with a mom and a dad. Me and my dad went to the pumpkin patch and my dad had a very bad heart attack , he landed on the pumpkins , broke his skull and died. I remember I was on the floor bawling. My dad had told me when i was about 5 or 6 that one year he was going to die in the pumpkin patch and i would have to pick the right pumpkin to save his life. I didn't believe it until that day. One pumpkin was rotten , another was little , and some others were huge.
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