Short Story The Writer In The Family

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In the short story “The Writer in the Family” Jonathan, the narrator is a second generation of the family. He seems to be same his father care people beside him. Therefore, his aunt’s Frances wants Jonathan to use his dead father’s voice to write the letter with the content of the family situation to grandmother know. Consequently, Jonathan who decides to write a letter to lie his grandma is his aunt idea of success and image have affected characters such as Jonathan and Jack, also wants to tell his grandma the critical sense of himself in the last letter. The place that takes the main character Jonathan to decide to write the letter is Jack forced to do because of his family expectation, and it affects Jonathan to do in the same way by his father. His aunt Frances says his father has much faith in him wants him to be the family writer. Therefore, he and his aunt are going to cover his elderly grandmother that his father has died while they do not shock his grandmother and kill her by this news. Also, Jonathan does not want his grandma feels disappointed about his father unsuccessful in financial and wants her to feel proud of Jack’s her son. For example, Jonathan says “my grandmother was bragging to her cronies about her son’s new life in the dry air of the desert” (Doctorow 3). It is evidence to show that Jack’s mother is very caring about his son's new life in Arizona. Although Jonathan knows that does not look good behavior to lie, he is unwilling to write the letter for

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