Short Story : Walk Down Across America Essay

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Renowned country music star Jimmy Wayne’s autobiography, Walk to Beautiful, tells of Wayne’s times of misfortune before fame which inspired his advocating awareness for foster children in the foster care system. Through the telling of his story and his ultimate walk halfway across America, Wayne hopes to raise awareness for the issues foster children face—especially for those aging out of the foster care system or suffering homelessness. The book shows a world not seen by most people through Wayne’s own heartbreaking and honest story of his difficult childhood. It is an inspiring tale that teaches the importance of “being somebody” in a foster child’s life. In reading this book, I took away many messages as I was educated on the type of troubles foster children face. The book begins with a prologue describing one of Wayne’s lowest moments of his life when he was living in a foster home, known as Faith Farm, after being abandoned by his mother. Wayne was at a point where he lost his faith in God, hated his life, would cut himself, and pondered about suicide. With a bleak upbringing and a fortuneless life, it is understandable how a foster child in that position can feel hopeless, lost, and ostracized from society. Wayne’s decision to open with his worst of times is a testament to his understanding of the type of tribulations foster children face that many do not understand or acknowledge. It is a powerful opening which peaked my interest in learning about Jimmy Wayne’s
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