Short Story: Witchy Witch

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It was March 11, 1692; Abigail Smith woke up with the sun shining on her face. She went to take a shower. Abigail was greeted by her adopted parents Savannah and Giles Smith. Savannah is a stay at home wife. Giles is a popular Doctor. “Abigail, aren’t you looking wonderful this morning?” Savannah said. Abigail never really thought she was pretty; she was tall, had green eyes and was darker than her parents. Abigail lives in Salem, Massachusetts. It is a town where there is little to no commotion. “Sweetie can you go to the market and get some fresh apples?” Savannah said. “Yes mother,” Abigail responded. While she was walking to the market she saw her best friend Luca. “Hey there Abby. What are you doing down here?” He asked. “Just picking some fresh apples for mama,” Abby said. Luca was the exact opposite of Abigail. While Abby had green eyes Luca had blue eyes. Abby was dark like caramel, while Luca was white like snow. “Did you hear about Rebecca Nurse, daughter of William Towne?” He asked. “No, what happened?” “Becca was accused of witchcraft, they found her doing some kind of spell.” Luca said this in a whisper because you couldn’t speak of witchcraft in public or you would get hanged. (“Salem Witch Trials 1692”) Abby was not surprised at this. She was not excited that this happened even though Becca was a little weird. When they finished talking Luca went with Abby to her house because it was what he did since he was nine. What Abby didn’t know

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